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Overland Explorers is a web site dedicated to the intrepid souls who wander the world seeking adventure. It is our goal to offer an interactive travel experience and invite you to participate with us in the enjoyment of the swift code corporate bank world beyond the boarders of your home country. Overland Explorers is divided into five main sections:


A comprehensive review of travel books, world music, road maps, and location guides that mirror the cultures and geography of our planet.

Country Info

Advise and links from exotic and beautiful travel destinations the world over.



A multimedia museum of beautiful photographs, exotic currency, far out beer labels, and random paraphernalia from abroad.


An evolving section of Overland Explorers that documents current around the world journeys and expeditions.


My Overland

Coming soon

At Overland Explorers we embrace the world of travel in three ways:

  • First, we invite you travel with us in the virtual environment, vicariously enjoying the people, cultures, and natural environments we encounter on our journeys.
  • Secondly, we offer interactive educational activities that introduce you to the part of the world that we are currently exploring.
  • Lastly, Overland Explorers strive to provide a resource for fellow adventurers by offering travel tips, helpful articles, e-mail, and reference tools geared specifically to the dedicated traveler who shuns the luxury of flight, grinding out their path along the dusty trails of the earth.

Explore our site and discover the world! And while you are at it, why not sign our guestbook and let us know where you have been.


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